Old Fashioned ice cream.
Made in Des Moines.
Crazy delicious.

About Black Cat

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Our goal is simple: Make the best ice cream on Earth.

Pastry chef Alex Carter loves ice cream.

  • Local Dairy

    We use the freshest local grass-fed milk and cream that we can get our hands on.

  • Local Organic Produce

    Iowa is home to some of the best produce in the world and we take advantage of that.

  • Made the Old Fashioned Way

    Our ice cream is made in small batches in old fashioned bucket mixers

  • No Additives

    Our ice cream does not contain corn syrup or other additives.

The Black Cat Team

The people (and cat) behind the best ice cream youve ever had!
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Angela Smith

Customer Care
Have questions? Need help? Angela is heren for you!
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Alex Carter

Ice Cream Man
Artist, comedian, pastry chef, and ice cream lover.
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Boo Bear the Cat

The namesake of Black Cat Ice Cream. Boo Bear LOVES ice cream and personally approves of all the flavors we produce.

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